Indigenous Women in the Arts / / Vivid Ideas

Indigenous Women in the Arts / / Vivid Ideas

Saturday June 18, 2016



Amrita Hepi (moderator)
Nicole Monks
Amala Groom
Angela Tiatia
Talia Smith
Taree Sansbury

Women in the Arts invites you to an afternoon of conversation and collaboration with a panel of extraordinarily talented Indigenous women working in the creative industries.

Dancemaker Amrita Hepi (Hollaback) will be talking with innovators in the arts about their experiences as Indigenous women, focusing on practical methods for institutions and individuals to act as allies of Indigenous women in the creative industries.

The speakers will be engaging critically with issues relating to race and gender in the arts, in this solutions based forum, grounded in a lived experience of the structural inequalities of the arts.

The event is open to anyone interested in being an ally to Indigenous women, who are consistently underrepresented in galleries and institutions in Australia. It is also a unique opportunity to see some of Sydney’s most inspiring women come together to talk and make change.